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Gemstone Profile: Hera Gemstone Bracelet

Our new Hera Gemstone Bracelet features two gemstone options. Get to know their deeper meanings.


 Pink Moonstone

All moonstone is believed to have a calming influence on the wearer, and the soft pinkish hue of this variety is no different. Moonstone has long been valued as a stone for lovers since it was believed the gemstone could encourage passion, so it's no surprise this romantically colored gem continues that belief. One legend even claims that if two people adorned with moonstones find themselves under a full moon, they will fall deeply in love.

Pink Moonstone Gemstone Meaning


Aqua Teal Banded Agate

The name of this gemstone might be a mouthful, but its appearance is beauty in its purest form. Blues, greens, and the occasional orange can be found in this stone, which is said to symbolize strength and self-confidence. This stone encourages peacefulness and quiet contemplation. If the pink moonstone variety of this bracelet represents love in others, this stone represents love for the self, and we think those are both things to be cherished.


Aqua Teal Banded Agate Gemstone Meaning

Whichever stone suits you, our Hera Gemstone Bracelet will help you unlock your inner goddess and lead with radiance, confidence, and most of all, love.

XO, Loveable


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