Jewelry Material + Care Guide

Jewelry Materials

What's the difference between gold-filled, gold-plated and solid gold?

Solid Gold: Pure gold, alloyed with stronger metals, all the way through.

Gold Filled: Thick gold layer pressure bonded to a core of high-quality brass.

Gold Plated: Thin gold layer “flashed” onto metal core with electrical current. Not used in Loveable pieces; any plated piece is gold vermeil which has a much  thicker gold layer. 

Loveable Materials

14k Gold-Filled: A practical balance between cost and quality, our gold-filled pieces have a thick layer of 14k gold, heat and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. They contain much more real gold than regular gold-plating.

Sterling Silver: Solid, precious metal that lasts forever. It darkens with time, but can be polished up. Oils from your skin help prevent silver tarnish... so wear it often!

14k Rose Gold-Filled: Extremely similar to yellow gold-filled, rose gold has a bit of copper added to the alloy to give it a rosy hue.

14k Solid Gold [coming soon!]: A low maintenance, fine jewelry favorite that will last forever. It’s pure gold mixed with other alloys to make it more durable & give it a beautiful hue.


All gemstones are extremely high quality natural stones ethically sourced. Click here to read our list of gemstone meanings.

Jewelry Care

Even if you are diligent about making sure your jewelry doesn’t get exposed to product or other harmful chemicals, your body’s natural oils can still cause tarnish over time.

We recommend giving it a thorough clean every dozen wears or so by soaking it in a bowl of warm water and mild dish soap for about a minute and then rubbing it with a cotton rag or soft-bristled brush. 

Beyond that, we have a list of other handy tips for helping give your pieces good, long lives:

  • After each wear, gently remove makeup and oils that can transfer from your skin to your jewelry by wiping it clean with a soft cloth.
  • When getting ready, try to put on your jewelry last to avoid contact with harsh chemicals that can be in things like hairspray or perfume.
  • If you had an active day and perspired a lot, it’s especially important to clean off your jewelry.
  • Be especially wary of sunscreen! It can cause severe, accelerated tarnishing on your pieces.
  • Avoid leaving your jewelry dirty. If you’re not going to wear it for a while, make sure it’s clean.
  • Store well-cleaned jewelry in an airtight container such as a ziplock bag.
  • Take off your jewelry before you go to sleep—it will do a great deal to help it last longer.