Our Story

About Loveable

We create handcrafted jewelry collections -- inspired by love -- that are designed to last. We use the highest-quality 14k gold filled + sterling silver metals that are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and sourced in the USA. Our offering of delicate pieces features meaningful symbols, personalization and healing gemstones - each designed and crafted with care in our Los Angeles studio. From the creation of each one-of-a-kind piece to the thoughtful packaging, we intend for you to feel special with each and every Loveable order, whether you’re treating yourself or someone special. Thank you for helping us spread love to yourself, and those around you.


About the designer: Kim DiVine

Hello! I'm Kim, Founder and Chief Jewelry Designer for Loveable.

You may have noticed that I kind of have a thing for hearts. :) For me, hearts are an instant joy-starter. Jewelry has the unique ability to inspire a person when they look in the mirror or glance at their wrist. Each piece I create is intended to offer a happy moment for the recipient, so they too can shine a little brighter for all to see.

My path in life has always been a creative one. My love of singing and musical theater started at a young age that led me to perform as singer-songwriter for many years, taking me all the way from Massachusetts to California. Music continues to influence my creativity, as evidenced by our product names. Did you happen to notice that each jewelry piece is named after a song? Whether its a classic or current tune, each design is inspired by one of my favorite songs! You can check out our custom Spotify playlist at Loveable Jams.

Feeling empowered, and empowering other women, has always been a strong focus. I grew up watching, in awe, as my mother worked extremely hard to achieve her entrepreneurial dreams with multiple craft-based businesses that achieved international success. Despite losing her to cancer at the young age of 66, my mother's legacy, creativity and strength lives on, guiding my passion for Loveable.

To further ensure our commitment to spread good and give back, Loveable donates 10% of proceeds from specific collections to purposeful non-profits and charities.