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What are “clean” candles?

Clean candles. What does that even mean? Hear it from the expert herself, candlemaker and owner of The Overflow shop, Tara Giordano-Dean.


For The Overflow Shop, my goal was to create candles that are as clean as possible. That means they do not contain the popular list of toxins found in most candles. That sh-tuff includes but is not limited to multiple carcinogens such as phthalates, formaldehyde and heavy metals. You don’t want poisonous particles floating through the air in your home because if it’s in your air, then it’s definitely in your lungs and on your skin.

Most scented candles tend to smell incredibly fake because laboratory fragrances are a poor excuse for the real thing. This is why I chose to work exclusively with grade A, organic essential oils which results in a candle that smells of natural vegetation and the beholder can enjoy the real aromatherapy benefits of those actual compounds. 


The calming effect of lavender has become like a drug. It’s heavenly and undeniably powerful and effective. Lemongrass gives me the energy I need to get my kitchen from messy to clean. Truly energizing. These beautiful scents are encapsulated in coconut wax which burns slowly and gives an intoxicating hot & cool scent throw.

Producing & providing my clients with the most pure and sustainable candles is my version of everyday luxury and I refuse to compromise on the quality of the ingredients.     - Tara

We were fortunate enough to work with Tara on a collaboration of clean candles that are inspired by California. Our three scents are named after famous Los Angeles streets and are available individually, or in a beautiful Trio Gift Set. They feature a modern glass tumbler with a natural wood top that fits any decor. Once you go "clean" you'll never go back.

Want to experience Tara’s “clean” candles for yourself?

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