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“Clean candles are the new standard.” Read that again and let it sink in. We’ve seen so many influencers and friends alike raving about their latest hauls of the newest scents housed in “designer glass jars” sold by large corporate candle companies (we’re looking at you, Yankee Candle). Maybe they aren't aware, maybe they're slightly concerned but haven't done all the research, maybe they simply don't care, but we are here to shout it from the rooftops and shed some light on the subject:

Your candles are full of synthetic fragrances and chemicals and they are causing harm.


  • The FDA barely regulates candle ingredients because we don't eat candles (we sure hope no one eats candles)!
  • These toxins get all up in your lungs and your skin making you feel and look haggard. They can also cause headaches & sinus issues for those more sensitive to smells and other hidden triggers.
  • Don’t even get us started on how your pets are faring, with their acute olfactory systems. Our furriends are innocent subjects to endure whatever we put into the air (and on the surfaces) in our homes, and until someone invents a babelfish for pets, they won’t have the voice to let us know that they might be silently suffering.


The Overflow Shop to the rescue! When Tara Giordano Dean, candlemaker at The Overflow Shop first learned that most candles were toxic, she turned her kitchen into a lab to test and perfect a solution to creating a candle that not only burns clean but also enhances the beauty your home. Now you may be wondering, ‘Oh so it sounds like anyone can pour their own homemade clean candle then, right?’ Not so fast…

Tara advises that there’s a real, for lack of a better word, science to it:

“It took years of trial and error to master the use of essential oils. All of these varied natural compounds have very different properties and they can be dangerously flammable. So when I started, I was setting the tops of candles on fire because they were too strongly scented. So through journaling, I tried different proportions until I felt very confident that I was producing proper candles and not fireballs."


Tara literally pours her heart and soul into every candle she creates. Her kind demeanor, generous spirit, and gift for thrifting shine through her careful work. She uses 100% coconut wax, organic essential oils, and cotton hemp wicks to create a long-lasting burn. Each candle is poured into beautiful glass vessels with natural wood tops. 

Tara worked alongside Loveable founder, Kim DiVine to design a line of California inspired organic coconut wax candles that are as clean as they are beautiful.

Here at Loveable, we are all about clean living, beauty, and sustainability, and there’s a delightful bonus when you purchase a candle from The Overflow Shop:

When you've finished burning your candle, clean out any residual wax and polish it with a soft cloth. Pre-soak it in very hot water for 10 minutes and this process will be simplified. Reuse it as a vase, to hold a tea light, votive, or as a catchall. If you prefer, send it back to Tara and she can clean & refill it for you in any fragrance you would like.

Shoot us a message when you’re ready to refill your candle and we’ll put you in touch with Tara! 

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