Meet the Maker - Splendor Art

We could spend hours getting lost in the mesmerizing videos on Splendor Art’s Instagram, where they often share the process and materials used to create ethereal “elegant, soft, and organic” art. Unlike other traditional fluid artists, Shak and Arlet have a background in Graphic Design which ignited a combination of fluid art and geometric designs to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

Shak and Arlet met in art school and pursued their own separate careers before the universe brought them back together. It’s not surprising to learn that they are both the water sign Pisces, 'known as the most artistic of all zodiac signs, and they frequently express their creativity in everyday life. They have strong imaginations, and their reputation as dreamers can help them when they pursue hobbies such as art, music, and writing.”

Inspired by emotion, nature, and the” organic flow of fluid paint,” the artists work separately and together in their home-based art studio in Los Angeles. Often experimenting with and creating unique texture, Shak and Arlet work with all different mediums, but if they had to pick a favorite, it would be ink, “it’s so therapeutic to paint and move liquid ink around on paper.” Definitely a Pisces thing!

Arlet and Shak have applied their art to tangible items, embracing the fact that the beauty of art can be used in different ways throughout your home. Our Loveable stacking rings look so perfect when placed in a Splendor Art trinket dish, and their mugs are a perfect complement to a calming first cup of coffee.



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