Meet the Maker - Lorah Stone

Poetic Instagram captions, macrame weavings both large* and small, painted clothing and leather goods - these are all just a few of the things that unfold out of the mind and hands of Lorah Stone in her tiny (yet large - she swears a twin bed fits in there!) mudroom-turned-studio nestled inside her home in Glendale.


Lorah has Northern California roots, a midwest upbringing, and some east coast living experience, but she finds her current life here in California to be the most influential to her art practice: “Spending time in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, exploring the natural wonders of the Palm desert, and swimming in the shores of Santa Barbara has become truly the best home and inspiration” for her.

We adore her knitted crowns and socks, and can’t stop pining over her hand printed fabric.


We agree that California is where it’s at when it comes to good living and finding inspiration at every turn, and we’re in awe of Lorah’s keen eye for finding the beauty in every nook and cranny of this state we feel lucky to call home. 



 *The larger macrame hangings are actually woven in Lorah's backyard!

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