Meet the Maker - Chachi Loves Design

Inspired by textiles and wallpaper from her childhood, Christin Briggs, owner/artist of Chachi Loves Design hand-paints all of her prints in her studio at her Los Angeles home where she lives with her husband and two boys. Christin’s designs are colorful, playful, and exude a feeling of youth - a nod to Marimekko if you will. These prints can be found on totes and clutches (here at Loveable!) made from quality fabric. Like seriously good quality fabric; durable and reliable fabric.


 Though she may not share what they all are, there’s likely a memory connected to every painting, pattern, and print that Christin dreams up. She puts it best herself:

“I believe patterns like these, that are burned in your memory, are like virtual time capsules. You carry them with you forever. They may represent the fabric of your childhood home, smells in your grandmother’s kitchen, or evoke memories of a favorite family place. I am fascinated with how the recognition of these patterns can instantly trigger feelings of happiness, wash over you in a wave of comfort, or fill you with the warmth of home.”
We adore this personal connection to Christin’s art. We may not share her memories but the designs still spark something in our own senses in a meaningful way. For example, The confetti tote takes us back to the early 90s! When we see it we think back to caboodles and scrunchies, Sassy magazine, a total Kelly Kopowski vibe. Meet us at The Max! ;)

What do you think of when you see Christin’s prints?



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